International Workshops/Symposiums



Lattice gauge theory using parallel processors May, 1987 
Charm physics  June, 1987 
Two-dimensional strongly correlated electronic systems  May, 1988 
Applications of synchrotron radiation  May, 1988 
Particle physics and cosmology June, 1988
Fields, string and quantum gravity  June, 1989 
Relativistic heavy ion collisions  June, 1989
TeV physics  June, 1990
Eloisatron physics  October, 1990 
Surface physics  May, 1991 
Ultra high energy physics

A symposium in honor of the 400th anniversary of the beginning of modern science:
Galileo's discovery of the equality of inertial and gravitational masses 

October, 1991
Frontier in low dimensional condensed matter physics  June, 1992 
Particle physics at Fermi scale  June, 1993 
High TC superconductivity and C{60} family  June, 1994 
Development and application of free electron laser  June, 1995 
Complexity vs. simplicity  May, 1996 
Probing matter  May, 1997 
Early and future universe  June, 1998 


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